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By Prosyscom
In March 8, 2018


Ok, so I’ve been taking a half assed approach to this. I’ve been using premium wordpress themes, am out about $400 so far, and not even close to making roi through the ad revenue. Now, I don’t really care about making roi, and I’m not trying to be a billionaire. Though, rest assured, I won’t complain if i make it that big lol. No, for me, I take pride in owning something that millions of people around the world are using on a daily basis. And I want my users to have the best possible experience.

Anyway, the reason I’m considering ditching wordpress, is because of the 64mb file upload maximum, the inability to allow users to upload videos without moderation, and honestly, it’s just not that user friendly.

After running into weird interface bugs (like showing 2 of the same video, each in different formats) I decided to debug myself (cuz I’m not trying to throw away a $40 theme just cuz its trash af), I went into cpanel and modified said shitty themes single-post.php file. Took me a minute, but I learned to read it well enough to understand what needed to be edited out. Then I decided to move the comment section below the related videos (seriously wtf, thats some pretty standard styling that got f’d up. Could tell it was a rushed project.)

So, yeah. I can read php now, though I cant write it. But learning code really doesnt seem hard for me.

I’ve decided to just learn to code. What languages do I need for this?

For those who wanna not waste their money on a half asses theme Theme is black theme, I decided to get it due to the automated posting feature. They didn’t mention the drawback though,YOU CAN’T POST YOUR OWN CONTENT, NEITHER AN USERS I literally paid $30 to allow companies to promote their videos on my site. Heck, I can’t even change the logo on this theme.

My sites.
Using black theme –

using my favorite theme, retrotube by wp-script –

Using detube theme – (probably coulda used a different theme for my roms site, but I was used to it cuz it was my first :P)


the shitty theme I encourage you to NOT waste your money on.


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