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By Prosyscom
In March 16, 2018



I’m a staff member of a little website we have in spanish (www.skynovels.net), recently our security was compromised, and apparently what they were trying to do was take us down from the google index using different methods.

No one in our staff is really experienced with web design and whatnot, we trying to clear off the issue, but our site is still not in google. Used to be the first in our niche.

I’m writing this to see if anyone could help with one of the specific problems, when you type in google site:skynovels.net

There seems to be many ‘copies’ of our site with the url skynovels.net/page/# whre # is a random number.

Needless to say none of this show in our wordpress builder, and probably this spam of the site is one of the reasons google is hitting us. There were many other things but I would like to know if someone could help with this specific issue, since we don’t even know where to start looking.

I hope there is a nice soul out there who’ll take pity on us 🙂

SkyNovels’s Staff


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