After 10+ false starts I'm determined to finish my portfolio website. I keep running into the same problem, though: overwhelmed with choices and the importance of those choices. Help please?

By Prosyscom
In March 4, 2018


I’ve been “working on” my website for literally years now. I design it, I commit to that design, I get about 10 hours into coding and then realize that I’m doing it all wrong and need to start over. Then I give up for another few months, then I rinse and repeat.

It’s just…I mean there are so many WAYS to sum myself up in website form, so many ways to make it look good, to make it obvious to people that they need to click here or there…I dunno. I rarely have this problem for actual clients anymore.

And I have tried sitting myself down as if I were a client and running myself through my own process, which involves putting markers on a bunch of sliders like “masculine/feminine” or “economical/luxurious” or “complex/simple” to give me kind of a blueprint for the direction of the design…


I even tried a couple of times to just put some of my work on a .html page and upload that but I never even finished THAT…I got too invested in stuff like finding the perfect google font to showcase how little time and effort I was putting into it so nobody would think I was being serious.

Another problem is that I’m super busy and can only put in a few hours a week – so I feel like by the time I start making real progress, a lot of time has passed, and my wants for the direction of the project have changed.

I’m like the client from hell…

I know I have anxiety/perfectionism/imposter syndrome problems, but these have gotten better over time in other areas, so I know I can get over this.

Just was hoping anybody had some advice for me – or maybe someone wants to walk me through their own process for designing for a client? Maybe I need an outsider perspective? Anyway thanks for reading.

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