After KFC’s Chicken Crisis, Its Restaurants Are Now Running Out Of Gravy

By Prosyscom
In March 1, 2018


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KFC is currently offering limited menu items at its reopened restaurants in the UK. Following its chicken supply shortage, KFC is facing yet another issue—a shortage of gravy.

On 14 February, KFC UK switched suppliers from Bidvest Logistics to DHL. Not long after, hundreds of KFC restaurants were forced to close due to issues with its new delivery partner, which involved a shortage of chicken being distributed to its outlets.

Some people across the UK have been struggling to cope with the KFC chicken shortage, with some even taking to eBay to bid for KFC meals that can reach ridiculously high prices such as US$91,000.

Though 97 percent of KFC restaurants in the UK are now up and running, customers are being greeted by the scarcity of the gravy in these outlets.

A spokesperson for KFC has apologized for the gravy distribution challenges DHL is currently facing and says it will continue to work hard to ensure the gravy will be distributed efficiently.

KFC has invited its fans to click on #WheresMyChicken to find out which store locator is open for business.

KFC also recently published a foul-mouthed apology following the chicken supply shortage.

[via CNBC, opening image via onajourney /]


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