Apple Patents Double-Screen Laptop Design That Has No Physical Keyboard

By Prosyscom
In March 1, 2018


Image via Africa Studio /

A new patent granted this week suggests that Apple could be exploring the option of a “dual display” laptop that comes without a physical keyboard, or a next-gen iPad with two screens.

The document, titled ‘Dual display equipment with enhanced visibility and suppressed reflections’, describes a device that lets users switch between a digital keyboard and various controls, much like the ‘Touch Bar’ on the MacBook Pro.

According to the note, the gadget’s main screen would be an OLED display, while the second would be an LCD screen.

It also proposes two designs: the first details two permanently attached displays, and the other describes a detachable secondary screen.

Of course, like many other Apple patents, this one might not become a reality. The brand is known to register ideas to have legal leverage over competitors.

Creatives can only hope for this laptop or tablet to come into fruition. Just imagine how much more productive it would be if you could have a screen dedicated to toggles for launching drawing tools and color wheels with.

[via The Next Web, cover image via Africa Studio /]


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