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Apple Prototypes Are Selling On eBay, One As High As US$99,000, By Collector

By Prosyscom
In March 12, 2018


An eBay seller called Hap Plain, who’s managed to collect several Apple prototype products over the years, is now putting them up for sale.

Plain, who is based in Monterey, California, is part of the vintage Apple collector community that amasses Apple prototypes acquired from its former employees.

So far, his eBay listing includes a US$400 ‘Woz Cinema Display’, a US$3,999 first generation iPad prototype, a US$4,500 first generation iPhone and a ‘Lisa 2’ prototype that is going at a whopping US$99,999.

According to Gizmodo, Plain started the collection when he was fresh out of college and needed to make some money whilst looking for a job.

What started as a search for ‘G4 Cubes’ led him to connecting with more sellers around the area, especially former Apple employees, who offered him Apple prototypes. Currently, Plain has 48 devices in his collection, including the ‘Outbound 125’, the ‘Dynamic’ and two Mac clones.

[via HYPEBEAST, opening image via alittlebytedifferent]


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