As a designer and Sketch user, would you use a plugin that improves implementation of much needed web accessibility principles into design of web interfaces? : u/JohnSnowUX

By Prosyscom
In March 8, 2018


Video Link for design proposal mockup:

Hey there, my team is working on improving design and development processes for web accessibility and we are looking for some feedback on our design proposal.

We hope our proposed design intervention in form of a plugin extension for Craft in Sketch would benefit designers and developers in their interdependent processes, especially when designing experiences for blind users who require screen readers to interact with web content on daily basis.

Background / Issue:
Often time screen readers do not recognize certain chunks of web page content due to non-semantic code structure, hidden content for hover effect, and many more reasons.

Based on our initial interviews findings from industry designers and developers in mid-size companies, the reasons for skipping web accessibility are usually lack of resources, and tedious implementation of standards. What we also found, is that designers frequently might discuss accessibility issues, but often times it does not end up at the core of their processes. This can result in miscommunication of requirements for developers, and inability to interact with the content by users with blindness disability, as well as other groups of users.

What we propose:
An extension for Craft plugin in Sketch, specifically focused on helping shape web content elements according to important web accessibility principles (WCAG 2.0), such as building a solid structure, easy interaction, helpful wayfinding/navigation.

This plugin extension will provide learning experience on accessibility principles for designers to pay close attention to the hierarchy of different elements on a web page that screen readers can process: header, navigation bar, body text, images, etc. This way designers can lay out better user experience of wayfinding through a page.

As a second step, (not demonstrated in this prototype) similarly to Zeplin or Invision Inspect, this plugin extension will then help developers to see clear priority and order of each html element, as seen by a user who requires a screen reader.

Question for the members of the group:

  • As a designer, would you use this plugin that improves implementation of much needed accessibility principles into design of web interfaces? Why or why not?
  • As a developer, would you support the idea that designers indicate the order for
    accessibility on Zeplin? Why or why not?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!


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