ASICS’ ‘Cherry Blossom’ Collection Is Here To Bring A Spring In Your Step

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


Image via ASICS Japan

Adieu, winter blues. Spring is now in bloom, along with the moods of many who have survived the harsh cold.

To welcome the cheerier weather, ASICS Japan has announced a ‘SAKURA’ collection that takes its notes from Japan’s famed cherry blossom viewing season.

Three training shoes, the ‘Roadhawk FF’, ‘GEL-NIMBUS 20’, and ‘GEL-KENUN MX’, get a nature-inspired revamp with cherry blossom colors and motifs on their uppers and soles.

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Background images via ASICS

The ‘Roadhawk FF SP’, priced at US$100, features a mesh upper and cushioned insole that promise to “hug” your feet comfortably. It’s an ideal running shoe as its midsole is made from ASICS’ proprietary ‘FlyteFoam’ material, which claims to be 55 percent lighter than regular midsole components.

Image via ASICS

The ‘GEL-NIMBUS 20 SP’, which costs US$160, is designed for both beginning runners and long-distance sprinters. The word ‘nimbus’ refers to the latin word for “clouds,” so the shoe is made to feel like its user is “running on clouds.”

Image via ASICS

The ‘GEL-KENUN MX SP’ is modeled for various levels of activity that range from walking to training and running. The thoroughly-cushioned shoe, priced at US$110, sports a gel protection layer on its exterior heel to support high impact.

With its Spring 2018 series, ASICS hopes these silhouettes will accompany runners as they resume exercising during the warmer season, when it’s “easier to get your body on the move.” The limited edition collection can be purchased online and at ASICS retailers across Japan.

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Background images via ASICS Japan

[via ASICS Japan]


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