Burger King Pranks Drivers By Setting Car On Fire, But Was Only Grilling Burgers

By Prosyscom
In March 15, 2018


Burger King seemingly set a car aflame for a marketing stunt in celebration of Good Samaritans Day on 13 March.

The stunt involved a smoking automobile, stranded on the side of the road, accompanied by its “helpless driver” who was busy trying to flag down other drivers for aid.

Those who did stop to assist were surprised to find that the car was not actually on fire—but instead, producing smoke from the burgers that were being grilled where the car’s engine should be.

The good samaritans were then greeted by Burger King’s mascot ‘The King’, who exposed the prank. They were treated to ‘Whoppers’ that were flame-grilled in the car, before departing from the scene with the fast food chain’s golden crown for being a good samaritan.

Watch the video below.

[via AdAge, images via Burger King]


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