Burger King’s ‘Pie Made With TWIX’ Will Let You Get Your Caramel Fix

By Prosyscom
In March 2, 2018


Image via Burger King

They say you can’t buy happiness, but at Burger King, attaining that emotion is as easy as pie.

The fast food chain has announced ‘Pie Made with TWIX’, a vanilla-crumbed pastry topped with luscious caramel-whipped filling and crumbled TWIX bars.

Sounds decadent but how good is it in reality? For one YouTuber Ian K of ‘Peep THIS Out!’, the dessert was described as being just “decent.”

“[It] tastes like a caramel type of pudding in the middle, and then you get a little bit of crunchiness in the bottom… which is reminiscent of the cookie inside the candy bar.”

Try it for yourself and possibly get stuck in a slice of heaven at Burger King restaurants nationwide.

[via Pretty 52, video via Burger King, cover image via Burger King]


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