Creating An Art Platform Which Caters Mostly Too Illustration And Digital Art

By Prosyscom
In March 15, 2018


I have been running my new website for about 4/5 months now. Took me a couple months of coding to change it from your standard wordpress site to what it is now. We have about 400 registered users who submit artwork at least every few days, this is great because it keeps the timelines fresh and organic. It pretty much works just like Reddit or 9Gag in the sense that new submissions go to the ‘Raw’ timeline. After the post gets a certain amount of ‘likes’ (i set the threshold) it will move to ‘Trending’, and finally ‘Popular’. The website has been gaining a bit of traction since our launch in November 2017 and we now get around 150-200 uniques a day on average. We also interview a bunch of influencers of the creative fields from around the world (graphic designers, illustrators, photographers etc). Take a look at those @

I would like some critical thoughts on the site so far, how we could improve the user experience and any marketing tips.

P.S. We have been having trouble with loading times as there are so many high quality images on the website. I would love to know of any fixes for this.

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