Dead simple CMS?

By Prosyscom
In March 3, 2018


I make websites for friends and families for free for their businesses. I prefer not to use things like WordPress if the website is basic because I like making things very lightweight and these people aren’t tech savvy enough to know how to even navigate WordPress dashboard.

However, some of the websites I make people call me 5 times per day asking to change some text. I’ve tried adding the text they frequently want changed in .php files and include them into the main page, but they aren’t tech savvy enough to log in and edit a file and save it without screwing other crap up.

I found Sitecake which seems like what I want. A way to easily add/edit text without messing with files or using a crazy heavy CMS.

Anyone have experience with it? Or is there something better? Thanks!

EDIT: just to clarify some of these people have 1-page websites and they just want their business hours or prices to change. That’s why it’s pointless to use a heavy CMS like wordpress when 99% of the content on the website is static and never changes. Not worth installing wordpress to change a single digit from 4pm to 3pm.

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