Facebook Designer’s Nifty Hack Transforms Instagram Into A Creative Portfolio

By Prosyscom
In March 9, 2018


Screenshot via jileeprojects

Who says social media dilutes the creative market? A designer has used it to his advantage with a nifty, exemplary hack that you might feel inspired to follow.

Facebook designer Ji Lee, who you might recognize from his viral attempt to get his grandfather to post drawings dedicated to his grandchildren, has transformed his Instagram profile into a fully workable portfolio, negating the painstaking need to update a personal website.

Instagram’s clean grid makes it an ideal platform to set up a portfolio, but Lee takes it a step further by firstly embedding headlines in his thumbnails. A well-presented Instagram feed has to be consistent, after all.

More impressively, Lee inserts tags in individual images that direct potential clients to project pages, should they be keen to view more.

Screenshot via jileeprojects

The overall concept might already seem like a clever, time-saving method to showcase your work, but it’s also a gratifying way to reflect on your past projects, especially when you’ve been feeling uninspired.

Wish you had thought of this idea first? Not to worry—the designer says you can copy it if you like it. “Please enjoy this hack and feel free to steal it,” Lee assures.

[via Co.Design, images via jileeprojects]


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