Favourite free learning resources at an intermediate/ advanced level : webdev

By Prosyscom
In March 17, 2018


Currently at work I am doing a really mundane task for the next few weeks and want to optimise my time by listening/ watching tutorials on my iPad.

I am an intern at a web dev agency and have a fairly good grasp of the technologies. I’m interested in increasing my skills and looking to new stable tech.

One thing I really struggle with is how to style a site when looking at awesome designs from dribble etc (example this or this )

Topics of interest:
– web design
– advanced css
– advanced JavaScript. I am fairly familiar with vuejs framework
– data visualisation. How to build and style custom charts
– modern php. I can write procedural code.
– php frameworks
– progressive web apps
– qraphQL
– digital marketing
– docker
– unit testing
– CI


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