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‘Gameboy’ iPhone Case Doubles Your Smartphone As The Retro Console

By Prosyscom
In March 12, 2018

Image via Wanle

What would you give to get your 8-bit, MIDI-music filled days back? Those were simpler and better times indeed, and thankfully, you can now reminisce them tangibly.

While the idea of having your device double as a ‘Gameboy’ isn’t entirely new, phone case maker Wanle (which means “have fun” in Chinese) has created a version that’s built-in with an actual game console—a step up from regular covers that require you to download a separate app.

Wanle’s ‘Gamers Console for iPhone’ is a lightweight case with a chip that converts the back of your phone into a retro toy with an LCD screen and power supply.

At just US$24.95, it even comes with 10 classic games like ‘Snake’, ‘Tetris’, ‘Tank’, and ‘Formula One Racing’.

Compatible with iPhones 6 through X, the ‘Gamers Console’ also doesn’t disrupt you from enjoying the full iPhone experience. When the case is snapped on, it keeps away from your device’s buttons, camera lens, speaker, and ports.

Watch the video below to see how it works and find out more via Wanle.

Video via Wanle Cases

Image via Wanle

Image via Wanle

Image via Wanle

Image via Wanle

[via /Gear, video and images via Wanle]

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