Glad Proves Its Trash Bag’s Durability By Using It As Luggage In ‘Torture Test’

By Prosyscom
In March 1, 2018


Clorox-owned brand Glad prides its ForceFlex® Plus™ Advanced Protection trash bags on their “superior strength.”

What better way to demonstrate this than by putting it through a ‘Torture Test’ by way of using it as travel luggage?

In its ‘The Toughest Trash Bag’ spot, created by creative agency FCB Chicago, Glad opens with the statistic that “1,604,804 mishandled bags were reported at airports in 2017.”

To prove that its product can withstand even the roughest of treatment, the team filled one of these trash bags with items before shipping it off on a mini adventure across the US.

Despite rugged handling, the “luggage” survives and returns to its rightful owner in one piece.

FCB Chicago confirmed that the guerilla-style campaign did partially include staged footage. While much of the ad was shot with GoPros and handheld cameras, there were portions such as the baggage area, where actors were roped in to play rough baggage handlers. The agency would not disclose which airlines were used for the campaign and stressed that the spot was not intended to spotlight any airlines’ luggage policies.

Regardless, the idea behind the spot does help convey the message that if it’s tough enough to withstand the rumble-tumble of air travel, then it can certainly take on the heaviest of kitchen loads.

[via AdAge, video via Glad Products, image via video screenshot]


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