Google Is Experimenting With ‘Search’ Revamp That Channels ‘Material Design’

By Prosyscom
In March 6, 2018


Screenshot via Google

Google appears to be testing a new look for its search tool that takes on elements of its ‘Material Design’ visual language.

Spotted by users of the Google subreddit, the new look features a boxy, card-style layout that makes content appear more legible and digestible for searchers.

However, some Redditors aren’t taking to the facelift. Some griped about how the redesign would limit the number of results that appear on each page, no thanks to the spaces between each “box.”

With that being said, the revamp stays consistent with the goals of ‘Material Design’, which aims to create a “unified experience” across various device types. The card-style design is a popular, tried-and-tested feature on web and mobile platforms, and the splitting of search results through color helps direct users’ line of sight to the site’s content.

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Before. Image via /u/FatFingerHelperBot

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