Google’s New ‘Android P’ OS Hints It’s Preparing To Launch Notched Phones

By Prosyscom
In March 8, 2018


Composite image by DesignTAXI. Google logo via Wikimedia Commons, iPhone X mockup via Facebook Design, background image via Android Developers Blog

On Wednesday, Google released its first version of ‘Android P’ for developers. The major operating system update, currently only available for Pixel devices, focuses primarily on honing Android’s core functionalities.

Apart from the usual bug fixes and OS improvements, one feature stands out: support for “display cutouts,” which is a technical way of describing the notch.

“To make it easier to build and test cutout support in your app, we’ve added a ‘Developer Option’ that simulates a cutout on any device,” wrote Dave Burke, Vice President of Engineering at Android, in a blog post.

He also attached a sample image demonstrating what apps might look like with a display cutout.

Image via Android Developers Blog

Earlier reports from last month claimed that Google was working on replicating iPhone X’s notch in future phones to woo Apple fans over, and the new software update seems to have confirmed it.

To learn more about the latest Android update, check out the full blog post.

[via Fast Company, images via various sources]


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