How Business Innovators are Using AI Right Now

By Prosyscom
In March 22, 2018


Every day, there are proclamations about how AI is going to change the world as we currently know it. The reality though is that AI is already transforming industries in meaningful ways from predicting weather to detecting cancer. We are no longer in the realm of future-speak, but in the early stages of vast transformation, and there are many innovators who are paving the way.

These innovators are the focus of the “I am AI” docuseries, an original video series that showcases how businesses, from startups to the enterprise, are using AI to achieve what was once thought impossible. The first episode looks at the entertainment industry, specifically music, and introduces Aiva, a French AI startup that’s developed an algorithm that composes original music of various styles.

Aiva’s primary innovation is an algorithm that can create music very fast. And not just music, but music packed with emotion that’s on par with work written by top composers. The company’s algorithm starts with a huge database of classical music stored in midi format. Using a recurrent neural network trained on NVIDIA GPUs, AIVA looks for patterns in selected tracks to understand the basic style. It practices and improves itself by predicting what will come next, then it uses those predictions as the basis for a set of rules for that style of music.

So what’s to stop AIVA from stealing from the masters it studies? Well, the company’s leaders thought of that.

“Using GPU computing, we’ve created what we call a plagiarism checker,” said Aiva CEO Pierre Barreau. “It’s able to understand whether a created track is partially or fully plagiarized from the database.”

Subsequent episodes feature PACCAR, which is developing autonomous commercial vehicles; Sigma Technologies, which is leveraging deep learning and AI to identify lung cancer nodules earlier; ModiFace, a Toronto-based company that’s transforming the multi-billion dollar hair care industry with AI; and Roborace, the world’s first motorsport championship for driverless cars.



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