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By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


Hello all! I apologize if I misuse any terminology or if this is not the appropriate subreddit for this question.

I am not the most technologically savvy individual but I’ve been talked into taking over our local community theatre’s WordPress website which is hosted through 1&1. We do virtually all of our updates to the website through WordPress’ visual editor rather than 1&1’s site builder. This year, we’re hosting a children’s theatre summer camp and we want to accept registrations and payments online. We found this plugin that looks like it should be able to do the trick. When I tried to activate the plugin in WordPress, however, I got a message that a fatal error had occurred. I messaged the plugin’s developer and he said that message means we’re using an outdated version of PHP (5.2.17) and that we need to update it.

I did a little googling and tried to follow these instructions to change the version of PHP our website uses. But when I got to Step 3 in those instructions, our primary domain has a note that says “Changes to your PHP setting will be done by 1&1, because your domain is set up with a product.”

From here, I gave 1&1’s customer support a ring to see what’s going on. From what I gathered, it seems that our website was set up a long time ago through the use of 1&1’s Dynamic Site Creator which is no longer supported and that is why I can’t update the version of PHP the site uses (we’re also being charged $20 every 3 months to use this older version of PHP). I’m guessing the last person to oversee the website only ever used WordPress to make updates to the website and was thus unaware that support for the Dynamic Site Creator discontinued in 2015.

I found these instructions that explain how to migrate an old Dynamic Site Creator website to the current 1&1 Website Builder (and thus allow us to change the version of PHP we’re using) but I’m leery of following them because I don’t want to wreck the website. This is basically my first time tackling anything on the backend hosting side of things.

Is there anything I should know about trying to do a migration like this before attempting it? We like the way the website is set up currently and want to keep everything as it is with the exception of updating PHP so we can use the new plugin.

Thank you!


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