How do you generate more clients?

By Prosyscom
In March 14, 2018


Let me preface by saying most of my work comes from word of mouth.. whether it’s from an old client referral or friends. I’m at a point in my website design career where I am facing a bit of difficulty.

I get a lot of small business leads but lets say their budget is $500 and I know even before working on the project (from experience) they will want everything. SEO, website, hosting, etc.. but their budget and quality of my work is not worth my time for $500. A lot of the time with small business clients is they really want the world with the small budget they have which obviously makes sense.

I then have big businesses that I’m reaching out to but they are hesitant with working with someone such as me for a significantly lower price than what creative agencies charge. Let’s say a creative agency charges $10k per website (obviously with their team of devs). Well, I’m just one guy but I can literally match their work because I’ve been doing this my whole life. So I get rejections because they don’t want to rely on just “one” guy.

I feel like I’m in a cache-22 position. I have small business clients but a lot of their needs are way overbudget, and the big businesses that actually have the capital won’t go with a small fry.

— I advertise everything with just my name. Should I be creating some fake creative agency like what practically everyone else does and advertise as a company lol? Any insight or discussion on this matter is great. 🙂

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