How hard is GSAP (greensock) to get into and use? I’m debating whether if I should pick it up as I don’t need the most complex stuff. : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 19, 2018


So we all know GSAP and Greensock is awesome. Industry standard for complex animations.

I’d like to learn how to use it well, but I don’t have that much time currently and there are other stuff I’d like to learn as well. So, I’m debating whether I should pick it up right now or not, since I only need to animate some illustrations and stuff but nothing groundbreaking.

So how hard is it to learn it? That is the most important factor in deciding. I have an okayish javascript knowledge and understanding (I can create basic apps with it). Would it take much?

What’s your experience going about it? Thanks in advance.


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