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In March 5, 2018


In the digital age, having a personal website is the final step in establishing a solid web presence. If you wanna make your own WEBSITE & craft it with your own sharp processor mind then you are at right place. We will not only discuss only making a website but we also teach you how to make a website successful. Here we will discuss each required step which you will have to know how to make a website. This complete guide will definitely emboss some positive impact on your way of thinking and give your creation a meaningful direction. We will guide you step by step so you can easily plan everything. This guide will cover a basic website creation strategy which will not focus on a particular topic or niche. Let’s start it

Key features:

  • The Idea
  • Vast Knowledge
  • Content Collection
  • A Small Budget
  • The Name Selection
  • Right Domain Selection
  • Good Hosting Selection
  • The Framework/Platform
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Error Correction
  • Make It Live
  • Submissions
  • Promotion
  • Analyze
  • Maintenance


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17 things to remember

The Ideaidea 231

To start a website you have to plan, like on which topic, item, gadget, industry or some other thing you want to start. Also plan what kind of website you want to start a blog, vlog, news, entertainment, coupon, service, review, information, education etc.


Vast Knowledge

This option is only for those who want to start a blog, review, expertise advise or self-brand promotion website. For all these things you have to provide a vast knowledge & regular updates to your audience. So they can stick with you and your website for more. If you will not provide regular updates then they will leave you and you may quit like other thousands of website makers because they don’t have their own knowledge.


Content CollectionContent-collection

Collect as much content as you want because enough is not enough ever. Everyone wants deeper knowledge about the topic they are searching for. If they find they will never leave that place and visit again and again for more. I am not saying that your own knowledge is not enough but for more audience, you have to enrich & update your knowledge and provide your audience the best for which they are coming. Try to collect some mixed content which attracts your audience, with appropriate language according to your targeted area. As much deeper content you will provide audience and search engine both stick with you to make you popular. Maybe you have heard that Content is king but think without you what is content, maker of content is always a king. Think like your audience provide them appropriate content ask them, discuss with them, chat with them and always answer their comments. Make your content feel king in that particular field on which you are writing.



A Small Budgetbudget

To start a new website you just need few bucks, not a huge amount. This is just for those individuals who want to start a small website or blog. It’s not for those who want to start an e-commerce website or any other kind of big website because they need more amount of money. In 50-100$ or 3500- 7000 INR you can easily start a website with all the leading brands of hosting and domain providers. This amount includes one-year hosting and domain charge. This is the minimum amount to start your own website and if you don’t want to pay this amount then there are many other ways are also.



The Name Selection

Now after all above preparations time to select a vibrant name of your website which will boom in the market. Select a name which reflects your brand, product and your presence on the world wide web. The name should represent your website which attracts the audience and makes them click on it. Means its the add more value to your website. Always choose category related name of your website which easily describes the topic. It gives small hint to the visitor that the website is about. Choose a small name for your website. Also, see search results of your selected name which kind of website are nearly related to your website name. It also affects your website in terms of getting traffic.




Right Domain Selection

Its a big question for many readers that you have mentioned above about the name of the website and you are again making a column about domain selection what is the difference? I must tell you that a name of the website is only a name without a dom

domain names

ain you cant access the website means if you type google on search bar it will show you, etc the “.com” “.in” “.uk” “.org” “.net” etc are the domain names which makes your website name in a URL form like “” after which you can access the website otherwise you can’t. It is also important to select a domain name which affects your website in terms of traffic to reach more audience. Like if you choose .com it is used for general purposes and is widely regarded as the standard for TLDs (Top Level Domains) and if you choose .in it represents a country means top-level domain in the country. Other domains also have their importance like .edu for education purpose, .org for organization/ groups etc. We suggest you choose it yourself.


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Good Hosting Selection

Getting the cheapest web host is not always the best, Everything is about the money you pay more you get more. Means if you pay more money you will get benefits according to your amount which you have paid. Services are like Storage, Bandwidth, Security, Automatic Backup, One click restores, Platform specialization and Web creation etc. Trust is the main factor which will work in between you and hosting company. Whatever company you consider, be sure you can trust it to respond to your needs quickly and knowledgeable. There are no. of hosting service providers in the market with their competitive rates. They will provide service according to your requirements. Here we have shown you three of them but there are no. of service providers in the market.



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The Framework/Platform

Choosing a Framework/Platform is depends on you, if you are a programmer then there is huge variety according to your requirements. If you are not then also there are many options too. There are huge no. of platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, OpenX, Geeklog etc. Choose one from them and craft your website with these options. If you don’t know start there are a huge amount of people ready to teach you how to design your website and also there are no. of the freelancer who eager to assist you in little bucks. The easy interface always the best option to operate. These days Dynamic CMS websites are in fashion, who helps to maintain your website regularly easily.






Now time to construct your website with all these things which we have discussed above. Put every required thing on the portal which you require. Design your website user-friendly so the user can easily access the website and find what they are looking for. Some basic things are

  • About Page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Uses
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Form
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Robot.txt File
  • Social Media Links

I personally think these things help you to rank your website on search engines. These are the must have things.


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After completion, you require testing of the website. Test your website yourself or take help from experts to test your website. There are no. of tools online who will do error detection free for your website, which helps to figure out the errors and correct them. If you are not a website expert you may definitely leave some error or loophole for hackers who will hack your website. So its best to take help from others who will make your website error free so the visitors easily visit your website, if an error is there no search engine will rank your website. No ranking means no visitors. It is good to make your website user-friendly and easily accessible.



Error Correction

Correct your Website Errors so the user can easily access your website.

Most common error messages you might encounter on your website are:

  • 403 Forbidden – this error suggests that there is a problem with the ownership or permissions of the files/folders of your website.
  • 404 Not Found – this error suggests that the file/directory you are trying to access through your website does not exist on the server.
  • 500 Internal Server Error – this error means that the server was not able to process your request due to the server.
  • 504 Gateway Timeout – the error means that your request took too long to be executed.


Make It Live

Open the doors and make your website live for your visitors. After doing all these things as we have discussed, means your website is ready. It’s a great feeling that you have finally done a great job by making your website. But this is the 1% of your website now the real game begin’s from here you have to do a lot more things for your website if you really want to make your website famous or want to have a huge amount of visitor’s. But its a great feeling after completion of your website. Hats off to your dedication.



Submission is also a small but useful point without it your website can’t be seen on any search engine. Submit your website to different search engine portal so that they can crawl your website and make accessible to the relevant users. Like some buddy is searching for pen and you have a website which is selling specific pen then search engine will flash your website on the first page of search result. The user will strick the website and buy a pen from there. But think you did not submit your website assume how a search engine will show your website if it’s not having any data related to your website. Like if you have submitted your website to Google Search Console how it will find your website. These are some popular search engines Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo and Ask. Submit your website and enjoy the organic audience.



seo12SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, its an on-page strategy means your website complete bio on the internet. It helps you to reach more visitor’s online and make your website famous, which automatically your audience worldwide. SEO is must have a thing to survive on the internet. Think if you don’t do SEO no buddy knows you, you are new, who will come to your website. But after doing SEO you have a plus point from search engines they automatically pic your website to the right customer. So they can find the right information about they are searching for.



SMO stands for Social Media Optimization, its and off-page strategy means your website presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Goole Plus, Linkedin, Reddit etc. It’s very useful for promoting your website, social media is increasing day by day. Why not we take advantage of these platforms to grow our audience. It helps us to generate more traffic to our website (Quality Traffic) means lacks people are using these platform the have made groups related to everything. If we post about that particular topic which they are looking for they will definitely visit the website and take advantage. They need information, we provide them and then we get the audience. If your information is according to the audience they will definitely come again to have more.


SMM--800x445SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, it is the off-page strategy to increase your customers. Means if you are manufacturing a product X and want to promote it or increase sales then you can take advantage of social media and pay them to promote your product. So customers will come and place the order. And they also visit again and again if the product is related to them. It also depends what you are promoting, what are the requirements. SMM is a great strategy to gain profit.




You are doing SEO, SMO and SMM what else required now? We require off-page promotion, face to face promotion. This strategy will also very helpful to grow your audience off-page and offline. In this strategy, you have to submit your website to different other websites to make backlinks on which google algorithm works. Like your website is about cooking post your website links to the different cooking website so they can also learn from you. If you are selling some product which is very helpful for daily use promote it by various methods like distributing pamphlets ad in the newspaper and mention your website link over there so people can visit your website and watch your website. Proved your customer’s new offers so they attract towards your website.



Analyse your website in terms of speed, performance, interface, looks, and productivity. If you found some problem then sort out it. There are no. of online website analysis tools are present which are free and tells you about your website errors, warnings, and advice to improve your website.



Update your website regularly its plugins, themes, security, the validity of domain & hosting. So that you can easily access your website and no interruption will occur.

  • Backups and redundancy to minimize downtime
  • Security updates and security auditing
  • Content management system updates and support
  • Multilingual services including translation and content localization taking into account both cultural and lingual differences
  • eCommerce management including online shop help, payment integration, and general management
  • Web application support including usability, training, and mobile or social applications



This is all about how to make a website if you have any query or question then please feel free to comment below.


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