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How to put a video background in this HTML template? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 13, 2018


Hey guys,

so I am making a personal portfolio style website for myself (sort of to sell myself during job interviews and stuff like that, but also for self-fulfillment)

I’ve decided to modify a template rather than code from scratch because although I am good at using HTML, CSS, and JS, templates are on a whole other level. (I plan to study web design / computer science / software engineering in college, so hopefully I can sharpen my skills and make template-quality stuff then).

Here is the template I’ve stumbled upon that I love and want to use:

On the home/welcome page, I want to replace the purple background with a video of me essentially sitting in front of my computer and coding. I already have the video edited and in the folder with all the other necessary website files.

I’m just not sure how to implement the video as a background. (I will adjust font colors of the text as needed once the video is imported as a background, but the first step is to actually import the video as a background.) I tried watching video tutorials, and reading blog posts on the same, but didn’t find any success, especially due to how the template is formatted.

In case you’re wondering what I mean by having the video in the background, I mean something like this, in this dude’s personal website (idk him IRL but he’s done some pretty crazy shit and is really famous):

I also don’t want part of the video to be hidden under the navigation bar on the left, and want it to stretch throughout the entire welcome page.

I appreciate your help!


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