I made a website for a photographer and I’m clueless on how much to charge : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 16, 2018


So here’s the deal guys,

I’m not a web designer, I’m actually a musician, and through some situations and exchanges I have created a website for an acquaintance. And I have no idea how to price what I did.

I spent several hours working on it, I customized a theme completely using css, I setup up the domain and hosting and the email, I transformed the photos to make them uploadable, and I will be adding photos and performing maintenance for the next foreseeable future. Alongside with you know, making sure everything is working properly.

In the design, he was pretty adamant about what he wanted and the kind of look he wanted so I ended up crafting multiple different designs and ideas until it satisfied his criteria. He had a logo that he had made which clearly HAD to be used, and I had to redesign/invent it (through trial and error) until I got what he wanted.

But I’m not a designer, I do it as a (very fun) hobby. And as such I’m a noob, and I understand I could’ve taken less time if I wasn’t so ignorant about certain things. I spent so many hours just trying to get the email contact form to work it shames me, and I’m unsure wether that time (or some of it) should be in the equation.

I searched online and people say hourly rates are way to go, but I’ve worked, what I suspect, around 40 hours or more. But some of those were trying to get stuff fixed or added not in the most efficient way.

He knows I’m not a web developer since we kind of work together, but I did a lot of work which I would like to not go severely underpaid. At the same time, I don’t want to seem too rude by quoting a too high figure as a non-professional. I know the work I did can never go for less than 100€, since I used a free theme and plugins, but I feel that is underpriced as well given all the knowledge and wit I had to put in practice to make it happen.

If it’s impossible to come up with a base value, should I bring this information up to him and negotiate? If yes, based on what?

TLDR – Made a website for a photographer acquaitance. I’m not a professional. Extreme customization. Worked a lot more hours than was supposed to. Need pricing help.


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