If there was an event near you dedicated to the “anything is possible” feeling you got when you first learned what an tag is, for example, would you go? Write some basic code in Notepad, no JS libraries, no webfonts, no nothing…? Show some beginners how it’s done? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 6, 2018


I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgic kick lately regarding my first forays into web design and mastering and I thought, what about a socially-sanctioned opportunity to get back to that feeling, where it was just fun? And – while I’m at it – how about showing others the basics, so they can get that feeling too?

How about fifteen people sitting in a cozy room with their laptops, all working on a just-for-fun page? <title> — SCUMBAGOTRON’S AWESOME PAGE — </title>?

And – what better way to recapture this feeling than to get people who are interested not just in the Having of a website but the Making of a website, get them to sit with us, and we’ll break down the very, very basics – because that’s all we’ll be using anyway – and then they’ll have the very, very basics, which is all they really need to start?

Maybe at the end we upload all the pages to a domain/hosting that we do together so they have some experience with that too.

Does this sound fun? Is this something you’d be into?

I don’t have a load of experience organizing events so I figured I’d run it by one of my target audiences first. Maybe a pizza break halfway through?


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