If you want to go to University to study a Web Development/Design degree, do it. : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 6, 2018


Something I have seen quite a few times on this sub is people asking whether or not to get a degree in a related field to get into the industry. I’ve seen the same rhetoric in the majority of responses. “You don’t need to get a degree to be a developer/designer. Go start learning now on (insert online resource).”

CAN you become a developer without a degree? Of course! But I don’t like the message I’ve seen here numerous times in the past.

Roughly 2 years ago i was in a dark place in my life, I hated my job, I was going through a messy breakup, I had depression and an anxiety disorder. My life sucked. So I considered doing a degree in Web Design and Development. It was something I had done as a favour to friends and family in the past and something I knew I would enjoy.

So I came to the internet to figure out if I needed to go to uni. And the resounding answer was no. So I was sort of shaken up.

I decided against the info I got online and went anyway. Its been the best decision of my life.

People seem to ignore the fact that Studying whilst at university allows you to focus on something very deeply for 3 years.

I am exposed to industry professionals on a weekly basis through Student meetups and conferences and talks at my own uni.

I get to collaborate with and see how 150 other students approach design problems and fix them with code. See failures. See successes.

I have constant support around the clock by 9 lecturers who are all either current or former industry professionals.

I have access to a state of the art UX lab to conduct my own user testing. I have access to top of the range Mac and Windows products and design suites (Adobe/Sketch/InVision) etc) ALL FOR FREE (well kinda).

I also hear quite a lot here that “I am a manager at my company and I dont care if an applicant has a degree or not, all I care about is the portfolio.”

Every. Single industry pro I have asked this question has more or less given the same answer: “I am much more interested in an applicants passion in the field and their willingness to learn and fit in with my team. The portfolio is just a minimum standard I expect.”

They have all said they LOVE graduate applicants because it has showed that for 3 years WEB DESIGN WAS THEIR LIFE.

I have just secured my first freelance job and Im essentially doing everything. I did a digital marketing SWOT analysis, conducted market research. UX/UI Design with my own user testing. Implementing changes. Choosing a CMS. Having the final say on everything. Coding the website.

This job was facilitated by my University.

Do not let people on this sub, or anyone else on the internet put you off from going to University to become a web designer or developer. It was the best thing I’ve done to further my career.


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