IKEA Is Experimenting With Mealworms, Bugs To Add In Its Meatballs And Burgers

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In March 14, 2018


Image by Kasper Kristoffersen via space10_journal

IKEA’s meatballs have always been one of the main reasons customers flock to IKEA, next to its multi-functional FRAKTA bags and chic Scandinavian décor.

The Swedish lifestyle brand, however, is experimenting with something different this time. The company is swapping meat in its foods for plants and bugs. One dish named ‘Neatballs’, is a new iteration of its iconic meatballs that comprises mealworms and vegetables.

According to IKEA’s innovation lab SPACE10, the bug-filled meatballs are part of its “fast food of the future.” In a blog post on Medium, IKEA reimagines a menu that is sustainable yet delicious.

It has developed five new “future foods” including the ‘Dogless Hot Dog’, ‘Bug Burger’, ‘Neatball’, ‘LOKAL Salad’ and ‘Microgreen Ice Cream’.

Bug Burger

The ‘Bug Burger’ is made of beetroot, potatoes, parsnips, mealworms and the “larval form of darkling beetle.”


The ‘Neatball’ comes in two types: a mealworm version and root vegetables. It is served together with mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry sauce.

Dogless Hotdog

The ‘Dogless Hotdog’ comprises dried and glazed baby carrots, beet and berry ketchup, mustard plus turmeric cream, roasted onions and herb salad.


The ‘LOKAL Salad’ is made up of vegetables grown in an indoor hydroponic farming system without soil. IKEA has developed three different combinations of microgreens, sprouts and herbs: red veined sorrel, broccoli and tarragon; pink stem radish, pea sprouts and thyme; borage, red frill mustard and lemon balm. Each combination will be topped with a homemade dressing.

Microgreen Ice Cream

For dessert, the ‘Microgreen Ice Cream’ is made up of herbs planted in IKEA’s underground garden. You can choose between fennel, coriander, basil, and mint, or select a combination of the greens.

The base of the ice cream is made using 60 grams of sugar, with additional sweetness coming from the microgreens.

While these creations are not available at IKEA yet, the Swedish brand gives you a taste of what could be offered in years to come.

[via Medium, opening image via Kasper Kristoffersen]


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