IKEA’s Upcoming Sustainable Lifestyle Collection Will Put You Into ‘Zen Mode’

By Prosyscom
In March 7, 2018


IKEA is launching a new line that might not only help you sleep better, but also keep your mind and body relaxed.

The ‘HJÄRTELIG’ bedroom collection, which launches in April 2018, is made up of sustainable materials including linen, cork, rattan and pine. IKEA is working on a functional series that uses organic materials and engages the senses concurrently.

For example, the seagrass boxes in this range are made of old seagrass from the rivers of Vietnam. IKEA also wants to incorporate the texture and scents of these materials to make you feel at ease whilst lounging in your personal space.

According to IKEA, the design team worked together with Givaudan, Swiss manufacturer of scents and flavors, to create better room ambience for its consumers.

Multifunctional beds, yoga equipment, scented candles and air-purifying potted plants are included in the collection to create a sensual and soothing space in the bedroom.

‘HJÄRTELIG’ will be available starting April 2018.

[via Metro, images via IKEA]


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