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By Prosyscom
In March 1, 2018


I work 9-5 at an agency, and do work on the side. Mostly for direct clients I find on my own (local businesses), but I decided to take on some overflow for a local agency in my area.

Money’s money, right?

Just an example – I was assigned a project this past Sunday.

Worked on it Sunday, and completed it Monday night after work. Sent it over at about 10pm. Keep in mind everything that was in scope, I completed.

Everything from here on out was additional and out of scope.

10:04pm comes Monday night, and I get an email from her:

  • Why is this like this?
  • This isn’t suppposed to be like this (it was).
  • No, change this to that
  • This needs to be done ASAP.

All at 10:04pm. I go to bed every night around 10:30pm, btw.

  • 10:06pm comes, another email with more “fixes” to make.
  • 10:09pm comes, a third email comes with additional items to complete that were never in the scope.

“This all needs to be done ASAP”, she says.

I stay up until 11:30pm and do everything. Wake up on Tuesday, check my email before work.

5 more emails. 5. All with additional, out of scope items.

I emailed saying I need to be paid for this because it’s all out of scope. She agrees.

Tuesday night, I do all of the changes. Send over an update email. Go to bed.

6:10am this morning, 4 more emails. “I don’t like those 5 other additional things I had you do, do it like this”

Then, she has the nerve during the day today, to ask, “can you just do these updates at your work?”

Are you .. fucking shitting me right now?

You just asked if I can do side work at my full time job.

Didn’t respond to any of her emails today.

Also, I asked her to stop sending 10,000 emails in a row, and instead, concise everything down to one email and I waste so much time going back and forth sifting through shit.

Anyway, I’m not saying anything yet because I want to get paid first. But the biggest thing right now is:

  • I want to have my own life outside of work. I am not at her beck and call, every hour of my free time. She thinks for some reason, I am, and then I have to get things done ASAP for her.

  • I have my own, side clients that I’m doing work for. Not just her. Since Sunday, I’ve been solely working on her shit. No one else’s. I can’t even hang out with my girlfriend because she needs “everything done asap”.

It’s starting to piss me the fuck off.

What can I say to her at this point? What can I even do?

I want to do overflow agency work, but I hate working for this person.

I do overflow for an agency in NY, and it’s amazing. They say, “here’s the work order, do it and send when you’re done”. And if there’s changes, they don’t send 10,000 emails. They say “awesome! everything is great, just this one thing and you’re done”. And that’s that.

This woman is the total opposite and it’s seriously affecting me.


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