Is it possible to fix an element to a specific point of the background. : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 13, 2018


Hello everyone. I’m completely new to anything website related and this sub. I wanted to see what HTML and CSS was all about and I’ve been putting together a simple page, dealing with any issues that pop up whenever I want to implement something new.

This is what it looks like now. Let’s say I want to make sure the clock always appears on that exact position, regardless of what resolution the page is loaded with or on what browser/screen. How would I achieve that?

Right now, the background is set to cover. I thought about setting a fixed position and size for it, but that makes it so it looks out of place whenever I open it in a computer with a slightly different resolution. So, ideally, I would be using a method which would adapt the position of that element to the current resolution and position of the background. Is there a way to achieve that?


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