Lastest Crap Client – You Worked Too Fast : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 4, 2018


Got a new client last week. Simple small/medium business budget ($2500)WordPress build for a small local business. Explained the process, the project scope, turn around times and what services I included. Provided a mockup of what the final product/site would resemble.

All laid out in my contract. 40% non refundable deposit up front.

Had anther client pish some work back two weeks so had time free up. I pished the new client up from a 3 week turn around to antwo week turn around.

I worked two days non stop, 24 hours (grinded it out, 16 hour work day etc) getting the site up and a nice first revision built. Looks almost exactly like the provided and agreed on mockup.

Clients reaponse was. “Wow, One days work for $2500, thats quite the profit margin. They then complain the content was wrong, the logo was small and that the site didn’t “pop” and looked “generic”.

I reply and provide screen shots. The logo is the one they provided. If they want me to use another. Please provide it. The content they complain was wrong. I provided a screen shot and explained it was copy and pasted exactly from their current website (as agreed they aupply content, images, else i use stock images and placeholder). The next up was the generic comment. I screen shot them a sign copy of the contract and mockup they agreed to. Last was the profit comment. It was very unprofessional, I explained the 16 hour day grind and how what I did may habe only taken a couple days but it took me 10+ years of experience to get to that level of commitment competence.

They did ask for revisions. I made the revisions, tho most were minor. They did include one major revision. Per contract I offer 2 major (major layout changes) and 3 minor (text, image, color changes etc) revision rounds. I tweaked some other aspects but other than that, I’m sticking to the agreed on design, project scope and website.

Just wanted to rant. You drive to offer a great experience, work your ass off for a fast turn around and some ignorant office manager thinks you should charge less because you’re good at what you do.

I have the feeling they may try to stiff me or get more than what I agreed too. Im all for tryimg to please clients but i think this may be a bad egg. How would you proceed? Fullfill the contract then request final payment or play their game of degrading your work trying to get mote than they paid for?


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