‘Legally Black’ Reimagines Famous Movie Posters With Black Actors

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


Composite image by DesignTAXI. Images by Legally Black and featured with permission

Following the success of Marvel’s Black Panther, which starred a predominantly black cast, comes this guerilla campaign that reimagines the posters of famous movies with black cast members.

This is the first project by ‘Legally Black’, a group comprising four young advocates from South West London that not only aims to increase awareness surrounding the lack of black representation in media, but also to stimulate dialog on the negative and inaccurate perceptions, as well as depictions, that result.

After the campaign launched at the beginning of this year under The Advocacy Academy, which supports young individuals fighting for social justice, the project was picked up by subvertising organization Special Patrol Group. The latter surprised the team on 1 March when it launched the designs on bus stops all across Brixton in London, England.

While the redesigns mainly involve popular British movies and series to resonate with the British public, ‘Legally Black’ has included some international films online to appeal to a wider audience.

Each poster comes with the tagline, “If you’re surprised, it means you don’t see enough black people in major roles.”

‘Legally Black’ explains on its website, “By replacing characters from famous white dominant TV programmes with black people[,] we believe we can do so locally and maybe with media influence[,] nationally.”

See all the designs including Doctor Who, Bridget Jones, Skyfall, and more on its website.

[via It’s Nice That, images by Legally Black and featured with permission]


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