M&M’s Is Releasing Three New Flavors, But They Won’t Be Around Forever

By Prosyscom
In March 9, 2018


M&M’s is launching three limited edition flavors that will add more crispiness to the chocolate candies. They include ‘Crunchy Raspberry’, ‘Crunchy Mint’ and ‘Crunchy Espresso’.

Each flavor contains dark chocolate encased in a colorful shell. ‘Crunchy Raspberry’ contains plain rice crisp, while the other two flavors are filled with cocoa rice crisps.

The company announced that these new flavors, which will be available for purchase starting 1 April, are part of its ‘Flavor Vote’ campaign. The fan favorite flavor will be announced in August and sold nationwide for 18 months.

[via Hello Giggles, opening image via M&M’s]


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