Monotype’s Two New Sans-Serifs Bring Urbanity & Legibility To The Table

By Prosyscom
In March 16, 2018


‘Madera’. Image provided by Monotype

Leading type asset provider Monotype has introduced two clean typefaces to its existing collection of 2,500 font families. The new additions, ‘Madera’ and ‘Unitext’, were created based on contemporary design trends and demands, as well as feedback from “hundreds of brands.”

Though they’re distinctively different, the two resources are fashioned to communicate brands’ messages more succinctly and legibly, whether they’re minimized or enlarged. With a variety of sizes, weights, special characters, and alternatives, they’re built for consistency across brands’ platforms.


Image provided by Monotype

‘Madera’, designed by Monotype Studio’s Malou Verlomme, is a warm, geometric typeface with sharp edges. It delivers a “human feel” and serves as a refreshing alternative to popular sans serifs used in branding, publishing, and logo design.

Image provided by Monotype

“I’ve created quite a few custom typefaces for clients throughout my career, which gives me unique insight into what brands are looking for in their type designs,” explains Verlomme. “Madera is a synthesis of that experience.”

‘Madera’ is available in eight weights and comes with special characters favored by graphic designers, such as arrows and circled numbers.


Image provided by Monotype

The honest, contemporary ‘Unitext’, which was designed by Monotype Studio’s type director Jan Hendrik Weber, combines grotesque and humanist elements. Its unique blend of compact spacing and open counters makes it a legible alternative for logos and body text.

‘Madera’. Image provided by Monotype

“We often hear from brands that they’d prefer to use a single typeface for both text and logos across all their touchpoints, but the traditional options rarely work the way they hope,” describes Weber.

“I set out to design the ‘Unitext’ typeface to provide a unified voice for brands that want a dynamic, condensed design that is consistent no matter where or how a brand needs to reach its customers.”

‘Unitext’ comes with seven weights and will also poise effortlessly in travel and leisure campaigns, advertising, and wayfinding.

Both typefaces can be found in ‘Mosaic’, its font-sharing cloud platform for creatives and brands. They are also available in the ‘Monotype Library Subscription’, and can be licensed via MyFonts.

[Images provided by Monotype]


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