MsoNormal class p tags added by Outlook when sending to Gmail

By Prosyscom
In March 15, 2018


I’m working on an HTML email template for a client and whenever we send it from Outlook to Gmail, when you open the message in a Gmail app (Gmail, gmail dot com mobile site, and Inbox) it renders with those terrible MsoNormal paragraphs and their User Agent Defined margins, creating huge gaps between my table rows by needlessly adding the paragraph tags to the content in the cells. I’ve spent hours on this and tried every workaround shared across the web. It renders just fine everywhere else, whether sent from Gmail or Outlook, but Outlook -> Gmail is a no go. I can get it to observe my line-height but I can’t get it to observe margins, even when trying the trick of capitalizing the M in margin. Anyone else ever run in to this? Thanks much!


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