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By Prosyscom
In March 1, 2018


Hey! Thank you for passing by. We just thought about this idea and would like to know your opinion about it:

DreamerIN is a platform whose main focus is making non professional collaborations between users from any sector remotely, all around the world. With the possibility of expanding to professional job type collaborations.

Also, the user can gain reputation by sharing his material or work inside the community of the sector he’s in and thus, have better chance of bigger collaborations. The platform gives the user the ability to have a professional, good-looking and personalized portfolio of his published material to be offered for collaborations.

Example: Jake is a programmer who works on an indie game, but needs a musical producer and a graphic designer. The challenge is that he doesn’t have enough resources nor he knows where to look for those people or how to easily convince them.

Then, he discovers DreamerIN where he shares his material with the community of programmers, gains reputation and makes a proposal for collaboration inside music and graphic designing communities. The proposal takes attention of Mike (a designer) and Merry (a producer) because they always wanted to work on an Indie game. Both
of them have enough reputation in their areas, and also, it looks like Jake is a competent programmer! (because of the reputation he gained in the community)

Together they finish the project, they’re friends (networking), keep growing inside the platform and start exploring professional “job type” collaborations thanks to the gained experience.

And finally – Could you answer a couple of quick easy questions? That would help us a lot 🙂

* Have you ever seen a platform like this? Which one?
* How do you usually find people to collaborate with?
* What kind of content and collaborations are the most interesting to you?
* What do you think about the idea?

Here’s a google form for anonymity

And here’s Chic-chicky-boom to brighten your day! AYY CARAMBA


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