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By Prosyscom
In March 8, 2018


Neuromation continues the roadshow and on March 20th our team will be speaking at the Future of AI Conference in Tel Aviv.

Chief Revenue Officer Evan Katz comments on Neuromation’s participation in the event, where the company acts as a Platinum Partner along with Microsoft, IBM, and Corwdflower:

“We have set a number of KPI’s for the project. We are taking a leadership position in the Israeli AI ecosystem, and are aiming to create strong partnerships in the industry . What we are doing is completely new to the market. Maxim Prasolov and Sergey Nikolenko will deliver a keynote speech in front of hundreds of guests on the topic “Computation for AI: problems, solutions, and trends”.

The outcome will create hot leads for our sales department and generate massive media coverage. We are working on a few very interesting projects. One of them being a whole management system for livestock producers and animal facial and medical recognition. Another is for the retail sector, where we use synthetic data to create vast data sets for retailers. Apart from the direct projects we are working on, we also have the Neuromation Platform, an open marketplace for off the shelf AI services (Computational power, synthetic data sets, models and more).

Our goal is to democratize AI, at the moment we are concentrating on retail, agriculture, medical, computer vision. These industries are where we noticed the biggest bottlenecks in terms of AI applications. The projects and solutions we have created solve problems in these specific fields. Apart from these, we are also looking for AI based companies to help them get to market faster and cheaper.


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