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By Prosyscom
In March 22, 2018


This week our teams are gathered in Tel-Aviv for the Future of AI event and a team-building session.

450 visitors on the stand of Neuromation, 4 interviews, 15 speed-dating business meetings and one 15-minutes keynote speech by CEO Maxim Prasolov and CRO Sergey Nikolenko on “Computation for AI: problems, solutions and trends”, winning applause from the audience.

Neuromation Team

Apart from this, here is what we have achieved so far in our offices in Kiev, Saint Petersburg and Moscow:

Neuromation Kiev team

A few demo pages were successfully launched, including Demo page, Preliminary Pigs demo and Preliminary demo for Let’s Enhance. Feel free to check, how it works!

Neuromation Saint Petersburg team

Our Saint Petersburg office has done the following:
 — conducted several more interviews;
 — kicked off the lab, initialized user accounts for all new hires, introduced them to Neuromation;
 — started working on OSA HP related projects;
 — attended the Data Science UA conference, delivered a keynote talk on reinforcement learning;

Neuromation Moscow team

Neuromation Moscow office has fixed and improved the following:

– Fixed issues with content for models/generators displaying in Safari 10 (Models & Generators were not shown);
– Fixed the issue with deleting of files attached to the order, as well as have localized filenames;
– Fixed incorrect behaviour when user presses browser’s back button on “Generator > New Task page”;
– Improved “Add to library” behaviour. It is shown “Already purchased” button instead of “Add to library” button for the items that is already in user’s library.

For the Neuromation Lab the several hot-fixes for markup editor of Neuromation Command Center (NCC) was done.

We have also prepared for the upcoming events, check our calendar here.

And in the end of the day, we’ve had an amazing time in Tel-Aviv, building our team stronger and cooler!

Neuromation Kiev Team
Neuromation Team


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