‘No Logo’ Logo Design Cleverly Lets Your Brain Subconsciously Fill In The Blank

By Prosyscom
In March 16, 2018


Australia-based design studio Motherbird has developed an interesting new brand identity for creative agency Something in London.

“What if we helped the brain subconsciously brand for you? What if there was no logo, and we were left to fill in the gaps? Research shows that we learn far better by doing and participating than watching passively. So why not have the audience participate? This is exactly what we did for London-based content agency Something,” Motherbird explains.

Seeing as how “Something” can be a specific object that is undetermined or unidentified, it can mean anything and absolutely nothing concurrently. With this in mind, Motherbird deliberately censored the logo such that the audience would have to fill in the gap by positioning “Something” in their subconscious using the conscious.

Discover the logo design and some mockups below. See more over on Motherbird’s portfolio.

[via Motherbird]


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