Pentagram’s Paula Scher Redesigns A Bold, Modern Logo For Home Décor Brand Houzz

By Prosyscom
In March 8, 2018

Home décor company Houzz has unveiled its new identity, created by renowned Pentagram designer Paula Scher. The bold logo shows a vibrant green lowercase “H” that doubles as the silhouette of a house.

The redesigned logo is modern and chic, compared to its previous logo, which featured triangles that made up a 3-D visual of the letter “H.”

The logo was redesigned as it did not scale well and its employees had apparently become frustrated with it. The new logo will be instantly recognizable and adaptable across all of the company’s platforms.

This refreshed version also features a bolder sans-serif font to go with the bright graphic. Scher has designed two versions of the logo: the standard version will have the company’s name “Houzz” next to the green house, while the second version has the name beneath the house, which is more suitable for mobile interfaces.

Scher decided to create a slanted house for a more edgy look, since most home-related companies have been incorporating the H-shaped house design inside their own renditions. The contemporary logo gives the company added charm, and allows its customers to feel confident in engaging with the brand.

Scher sheds more light on the creative process behind this project below.

[via Fast Company, video via HouzzTV, images via Pentagram]

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