Powerful Photo Series Transforms A Lifetime Of E-Waste Using Everyday Tools

By Prosyscom
In March 6, 2018


©Von Wong and featured with permission

It’s still early into the year but the Green movement has already touched multiple domains across the creative landscape.

There was product design in the form of reusable tampon applicators and plastic-free straws, packaging changes by some of the world’s biggest brands such as McDonald’s, and the rise of package-free brands.

Photography and technology are two of the latest to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon by way of photographer Benjamin Von Wong and computer company Dell. Von Wong, who’s known for his socially and environmentally driven projects, learnt about Dell’s global recycling program during 2017’s SXSW event.

The encounter inspired the photographer’s latest ‘E-Waste’ series, comprising 4,100 lbs—nearly a lifetime’s worth—of electronic waste that an average American might contribute over his or her lifetime. Wistron GreenTech, one of Dell’s recycling partners in Dallas, supplied the discarded gadgets and location for the photo shoot.

With the help of 50 volunteers, the team painstakingly transformed the scraps into impressive photography sets over the course of 10 days, using simple everyday tools such as staple guns, chalks, ropes, wood, paint, screwdrivers and more.

Due to limited resources and budget, the creative team improvised with what they had. For instance, the crew experimented with lighting using colorful document folders taped onto flashes contributed by volunteers. This helped produce the orange glow seen in the final image pictured above.

“It took only 4 hours to clean up 10 days of hard work—but the images will hopefully live on forever and empower every individual to tell their friends and family to Rethink electronic waste, Recycle them responsibly, so that responsible companies like Dell can Revive them as brand new computer parts,” explains Von Wong on his blog, which provides a detailed behind-the-scenes account of how the pictures were brought to life.

See the final images and more behind-the-scenes footage from the project below.

©Von Wong and featured with permission

©Von Wong and featured with permission

[videos via VonWong, images ©Von Wong and featured with permission]


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