[Question] Responsive image maps in WordPress : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 6, 2018


Hello Reddit!

I am a clueless musician who knows absolutely nothing about code or any of the technical aspects of web design, beyond some very simple HTML. I’m a college student working on my portfolio website, and I have a very specific vision for how I want it to be laid out. Most of my peers use Wix or Squarespace, but neither platform offers the features that I want for mine, so I am using WordPress, and (quite ambitiously) trying to code in the interactive elements that I’m envisioning.

What I want is to create (something along the lines of) a responsive image map, with clickable hotspots that work on all devices and in all browsers. I have the image, and I attempted to create an image map (just with image-map.net). However, although it was clickable, it only worked on desktop, and if the window was resized, the hotspots moved and were misaligned with the image.

Since I’m absolutely new to this, I need someone to explain to me (like I’m five!) what is my best option for creating something like this in WordPress, without the use of WordPress plugins (I’m currently on the free version). I feel like I could handle some code if I had a very clear explanation.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone would take the time to help me with this!


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