[Question] Right now, it’s just an idea. See comments . : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 6, 2018


For me, it’s a Goliath of an undertaking. So I’d like some advice from experts.

  • Social & Business based
  • Specific niche – not adult content
  • Not selling created products of others
  • Might sell membership.

I’m not being vague to protect the ides, it’s because I need to talk to professionals who know the right questions to ask and to learn to factor that into my gosl.

I am bare bones with a pencil drawn idea. The way it looks isn’t a priority until (fingers crossed) I can get it running .

So ask away, if you’d be interested, PM me or just reply.

I can’t explain how much this would mean to me. Thank you.


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