Shutterstock Reimagines Oscar Nominees In The Iconic Styles Of Legendary Artists

By Prosyscom
In March 1, 2018


Composite image by DesignTAXI. Background images provided by Shutterstock

Visuals are master storytellers. They highlight films’ most exciting parts and hold the power to deeply affect moods and perceptions. In spite of this, stories are open for interpretation and everyone experiences them differently.

For the sixth year running, Shutterstock has launched its ‘Oscar Pop!’ poster series. Here, its in-house designers reimagine the imagery of Oscar nominees in the aesthetics of celebrated artists—using resources from its collection of over 180 million images.

This year, the designers take on posters from the runners of ‘Best Picture’ at the 90th Academy Awards. The recreations embody iconic styles of creative legends including Austrian painter-sculptor-printmaker Kiki Kogelnik and Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, who is known for his candy-hued, anime-style artworks.

View the reimagined posters below and check out the full collection of resources that were used in this year’s ‘Oscar Pop!’ project here.

Call Me by Your Name concept—inspired by James Rosenquist

Poster by Tim Harrison/Shutterstock, featured with permission

Darkest Hour concept—inspired by Richard Hamilton

Poster by Alice Li/Shutterstock, featured with permission

Dunkirk concept—inspired by Takashi Murakami

Poster by Brandon Lee/Shutterstock, featured with permission

Get Out concept—inspired by Keith Haring

Poster by Alice Lee/Shutterstock, featured with permission

Lady Bird concept—inspired by Mel Ramos

Poster by Brenda Luu/Shutterstock, featured with permission

Phantom Thread concept—inspired by Malika Favre

Poster by Florence Lau/Shutterstock, featured with permission

The Post concept—inspired by Ed Ruscha

Poster by Jenny Forrest/Shutterstock, featured with permission

Shape of Water concept—inspired by Kiki Kogelnik

Poster by Jenny Forrest/Shutterstock, featured with permission

Three Billboards concept—inspired by Olly Moss

Poster by Jackelyne Catillo/Shutterstock, featured with permission

[Images provided by Shutterstock]


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