Sony Explains Why iPhone X Might Not Have The Most Favorable Design

By Prosyscom
In March 2, 2018


Image via Denys Prykhodov /

Smartphone makers have proven to be very opinionated about their competitors in 2018. This week alone, Samsung took jabs at iPhone X’s features at the Galaxy S9 launch. It was soon mocked by Chinese mobile brand Huawei, and Apple then made attempts to woo Android users to “switch to iPhone.”

Sony is the next to express its displeasure over one of its rival’s flagship devices. The Sun interviewed the company’s design chief Kaz Tajima to uncover why it did not mimic iPhone X’s notched design on its new ‘Xperia XZ2’ phone, even though several other Android phone brands have.

As it turns out, Sony is not a fan of the visible camera sensor housing, which has somehow evolved into an aesthetic.

“We try to respect content as much as possible,” Tajima explained. “Notching the display always affects the user interface. We try to keep a square user interface as much as possible.”

The Sony ‘Xperia XZ2’ also has its bezels intact to store front-facing speakers that produce 20 percent higher sound.

Tajima added that users should divert from more obvious smartphone choices. The key reason being: since everyone has the same phone, people are on the lookout for more unique products.

[via The Sun, cover image via Denys Prykhodov /]


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