Starbucks Rolls Out Foamy New Beverages Specifically For White Coffee Lovers

By Prosyscom
In March 9, 2018


Left to right: Hot and cold ‘Mousse Foam Latte’, ‘White Brew Coffee and Macadamia Frappucino’. Image via Starbucks Coffee Japan

Starbucks Japan has kicked off its ‘New Starbucks Coffee Journey’—a program dedicated to exploring more innovative beverage offerings—with its ‘White Coffee Experience’ range.

Two new limited edition beverages will be rolled out: ‘Mousse Foam Latte’ and ‘White Brew Coffee and Macadamia Frappucino’.

The ‘Mousse Foam Latte’ is a frothy drink made with non-fat milk. Expect rich and smooth foam to hit your lips while the drink’s nutty and caramel-esque flavors from its double shot espresso trickles down your throat. ‘Mousse Foam Latte’ is available hot and cold, solely in tall size at JP¥440 (US$4).

Don’t let the snowy white façade of the ‘White Brew Coffee and Macadamia Frappucino’ fool you. It packs a caffeine punch thanks to its “espresso milk,” made in-store daily by manually soaking the coffee beans in milk. According to Starbucks’ press release, this process allows the coffee oil from the surface of the roasted coffee beans to diffuse into the milk. White chocolate syrup is added to the drink, which is topped with candied macadamia nuts for additional crunch before serving. ‘White Brew Coffee and Macadamia Frappucino’ comes only in tall size at JP¥590 (US$5.50).

The ‘White Coffee Experience’ range will roll out across Japan starting 15 March 2018. The hot ‘Mousse Foam Latte’ will be available until 8 May, while its cold version will run through to late 2018. ‘White Brew Coffee and Macadamia Frappucino’ will only be available until 11 April, so grab them before they’re gone.

[via Starbucks Coffee Japan]


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