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By Prosyscom
In March 7, 2018


so I want to create the greatest musical map code written in the history of mankind!

I want to Disrupt the Playlist thinking into Dotted-playlist kind of thing, but i didn’t yet quite figure it out how you can put the songs playing.

it’s basically aiming at people or music producers who want to see samples or songs , with a faster browsing experience!

they also can see Rap templates, with


Also there could be non dotted maps for more than one album of the

the dots can be a mini thumbnail of the bands album or profile pic.

TLDR: SEE PROTOTYPE and Answer Questions

So what could the rims mean ? I thought they could glow to say how hot they could also have double rims. they could also be faded if you haven’t clicked in them.

How can I make it so that will be easy to identify what a dot is when you look at one map? if you hover next to the dot it could reveal text information,

and the Background Map behind could be a “fantasy” map specially made in vector to accomodate more uploading samples and to evidentiate what the samples are , but give me ideas please on how to make it legible!

Images of future Website

Skematics, click Sample Maps so you get a grip of what it is

A N Y O N E _ W A N T S _ T O _ J U M P _ O N _ T H E _ F O U N D E R _ W A G O N ?

There more features than this(search in skematics for Features, above):

-scroll up to be teleported to;
1scroll- more songs about the artist and related stuff
2scroll- people that favorited things you did too and the dot you’re looking at, it will reveal more stuff of those similar interest people in relation to the dot
upper than one or two scrollup:
-voice comand- control the playlist while minimized
Video Perks

1(Faster Web Browsing – with UFO Mouse , meaning you can use nothing on the website with a click(Or what could it be?))

2(many Samples on a map- With Interconnected mAps!) Scroll up Feature

(Each map has its own background image, and it can have Dots as samples or tracks or the tracks themselves be placed according to the Art(Images of future Website), by custom buttons made on top of each high resolution drawing, whole albums can be placed like this in a beautifull way!)
maps That will exist: A specific city Soundmaps, farts Soundmap, Elements Map, Spiritual Zoology Map, Moans Map (From zombie to Hotie in a page!) pass images
Also you Can Surf Songs and Really sellected playlists

3(press S to Save (Or kiss) , then quickly press P or say Playlist, and With A D as in “D”)

4(Voice Commands – When the Website is minimized or not you can skip songs or pause or love with a universal mouth control)

5(Unlike Songs so we’ll algorythm it out and you`ll never have to listen to that sub sub gender on the website)

6(Love songs so they will appear more that aren`t similar, but related trough playlists intertogetherly, basically other people’s favorite folders that contain some of your favorites with random algorythms to keep it Fresh)

7- Create an emotional painting thumbnail with The Reaccions of the people to the sample/song! No need to like it anymore!

  • With the Corporal , eye and Audio data from the listeners we can paint a little picture that paints all of the reactions from the people! Black for Absent,Purple for chilled out, Yellow for Surprise, Green for Scary, Red for people who started dancing, white for people who started singing, etc!


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