The Moon Will Get Its Own 4G Network So You Can Tweet While You’re There

By Prosyscom
In March 1, 2018


Image via Shutterstock

The moon is scheduled to get its first 4G wireless network next year.

Vodafone Germany and Nokia are working closely with German-based space company PTScientists to launch the technology. PTScientists will collect the necessary scientific data and report it back to both communication companies.

Using a SpaceX ‘Falcon 9’ rocket, PTScientists will launch mobile masts provided by Nokia Bell Labs from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, as reported by The Independent.

Engineers from Vodafone will create an energy-efficient network using the hardware supplied by Nokia to connect two Audi lunar quattro rovers, which will be tasked with transmitting data from the spacecraft back to the base station on Earth.

The 4G service will hopefully allow the spaceship to transmit high-definition footage for monitoring and deliver live-stream directly from the moon.

Robert Bohme, the CEO and founder of PTScientists, states that this is an important step for sustainable exploration beyond Earth. Developing infrastructures in the solar system will aid humanity in leaving Earth comfortably.

[via USA Today and The Independent, opening image via Shutterstock]


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