The New Yorker Magazine’s Latest Cover Leaves President Trump ‘Exposed’

By Prosyscom
In March 17, 2018


‘Exposed’ by Barry Blitt. Image via The New Yorker

American cartoonist Barry Blitt—famed for his several satirical depictions of Donald Trump in The New Yorker—has created a bare-bones piece of the President for the magazine’s 26 March cover.

The latest illustration, titled ‘Exposed’, shows Trump stark naked behind a podium that covers his sensitive bits. Blitt also caricatured him with disproportionately small hands.

The New Yorker reports that the artist—who has had 15 Trump-related artworks fronting the magazine—sends in sketches every week. After this illustration was chosen from a pile of submissions (including one of Stephen Hawking), Blitt contoured the model’s love handles and the copy’s finishing touches in his signature watercolor style.

“I wanted to address President Trump’s stormy relationship with the press,” Blitt described, punning on Stormy Daniels, the name of the adult film actress who outed Trump on his alleged affair with her a decade back.

In a previous interview with The New Yorker, Blitt alluded much of his success to the President. “I can’t thank Trump enough. Maybe, when he leaves office, in 2024, I’ll be able to claw my way out of the rubble and shake his hand to express my gratitude personally.”

View the cover below. Are you getting The Emperor’s New Clothes vibes?

[via The New Yorker and Twitter Moments, cover image via The New Yorker]


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